Farah's Middle Eastern Food

Menu and prices

All prices subject to change  Menu numbers  may change.

 Our hours are now 11:30 Am till 9:00 Pm. Check out our Thursday buffet for lunch and dinner. We are scheduled to be open with a special buffet for Thanksgiving Wed and Thurs from 4pm to 9 pm.

 Prices subject to change
1    Veg Dolme                            Sm     $3.00                        Lg   $6.00
   3 or 6 grape leaves stuffed w/ rice, herbs,and lentils with lemon juice and olive oil
2    Dolme                                    Sm    $3.75                         Lg    $7.45
  3 or 6 grape leaves stuffedwith rice, split peas, beef, herbs and green onion in a sweet/sour sauce
3    Kashk o' Bademjan              Sm     $3.00                       Lg    $5.50
  Sauteed eggplant, tomato, with topping of kashk(whey0 and fried mint
4    Mirza Ghasemie                   Sm     $3.00                       Lg    $5.00
  grilled eggplant with egg, tomato, garlic topped with kashk(whey) fried mint

5    Borani Spinach                     Sm     $3.00                       Lg    $4.50
  Steamed spinach mixed with yogurt and herbs

6    Must O' Khiar                        Sm     $3.00                        Lg    $4.50
  Plain creamy VT yogurt with diced cucumber and herbs
8    Hummus                                Sm      $3.00                      Lg     $5.00
  Chick peas, tahini, garlic and olive oil
9   Torshi                                      Sm      $2.00                      Lg     $$4.00
  Persian pickled veggies
10  Falafel Patty                                                                      $1.50 each

12   Green Salad                                                                            $4.50
  Lettuce,tomato,cucumber, carrots, red cabbage with house dressing
13   Shirazi                                    Sm   $3.00                         Lg    $5.90
  Diced tomato, red onion, cucumber and parsley with lemon juice and olive oil dressing

Aash(soup) of the day.   Sm   $3.00                         Lg    $4.50

14   Aash Reshteh                       
  Parsley, spinach,cilantro, beans, cooked with white noodles and topped with kashk(whey), mint and onion
15   Aash Lentils
    Red lentil soup cooked with garlic, onion, seasoning, and crushed red pepper(spicy) no broth.

 All sandwiches start with a pita, green salad, and a choice of either house dressing or tahini yogurt. Then choose from one of the following kabob or Falafel options. Add Mirza or Hummus spread for an additional $1.00

Cicken Koobideh..............$7.50                   Lamb Koobideh.......$8.50

Boneless Chicken.............$9.00                   Lamb Chenge...........$9.50

Spicy Chicken....................$9.00                   Beef Chenge.............$9.50

3 Falafel patties   V............$6.50

Grilled vegi w/ Hummus.....$6.50

Add a skewer of Chicken Koobideh....$4.00     Spicy Chicken.....$6.00    Boneless....$8.00
16   Zereshk Polo                                                                             $8.75
  Seasoned chicken(dark meat) served with sweet and sour barberries, basmati rice w/ salad
17   Cheloo Morgh                                                                            $7.00
  Seasoned chicken(dark meat) served with basmati rice and salad
18   Chicken Koobideh                                                                   $8.50
  1 juicy strip of seasoned ground chicken char broiled, served with basmati rice and grilled vegies with salad and lemon
19 Boneless Cicken                                                                       $14.50
    Boneless chunks of seasoned chicken breast, charbroiled, served with basmati rice with grilled vegies and salad

20   Spicy Chicken Kabob                                                             $10.50
  Boneless chicken thigh marinated in spicy sauce and char broiled. Served with basmati rice, salad, and grilled vegies and lemon.
Beef and Lamb
Add a skewer of Lamb Koobideh....$5.00    Beef Chenge....$8.00    Lamb Chenge....$7.00

21   Kofteh(meatball)                                                                       $7.00
  Seasoned ground beef meatballs made with rice, herbs, spices, split peas and egg cooked in tomato sauce. Stuffed with walnuts and raisins.

22   Chengeh Kabob         Beef  Tenderloin    $10.95          Lamb    $11.95
  Chunks of marinated beef tenderloin or lamb served w/ grilled vegies, salad, basmati rice, and lemon

19   Lamb Koobideh kabob                                                            $9.95
  1 juicy strip of seasoned char broiled ground  lamb served with basmati rice with salad, lemon, and vegies

24  Soltani Kabob                                                                            $16.00
    Combination of skewered chunks of beef and ground  lamb, charbroiled, and served with basmati rice with grilled vegies and salad


25  Gheymeh                                                                                    $8.95
  Saute lamb or chicken chunks with split peas, cooked in a tomato sauce and served with saute eggplant.
26  Fessenjan                                                                                   $9.95
  Saute lamb or chicken chunks with ccooked down fine ground walnuts and pomegranite syrup.

Polo(Rice dishes)

28  Kalam Polo                                                                                  $6.00
  Steamed Basmati rice with saute cabbage with ground lamb and spices
29  Shirin                                                                                            $5.00
  Steamed Basmati rice with Saute barberries, orange peel and sliced almonds.

Family Style
31   Family Plate                                                                               $33.95
   Combination of 3 rice and 4 skewers of kabob(boneless chicken,  lamb koobideh, chicken koobideh, and beef chenge) with grilled vegies,  salad, and lemon wedges.
41  Slice of rum or lemon pound cake as available                           $3.50
       Cakes by Irene's Kithen of Sheldon VT
49   baklava                                                                                            $1.50
          Persian style baklava made with fillo dough, honey, walnuts spices, and saffron syrup